About us

We are a young Bremen-based technology company with a team of highly passionate, motivated and competent researchers, systems engineers and entrepreneurs.

WIOsense provides market-ready and research-oriented wireless communication systems and security solutions across different end-applications of Connected Vehicles (V2X) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sectors.

Recognizing the technical challenges of the upcoming global ubiquitous deployment of mobile devices and sensors we strive to bring to the industry the high-performance, robust, secure and energy efficient wireless links of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Wirelessly empower connected vehicles (V2X) and industrial internet (IIoT) markets to facilitate automation and intelligence developments and solutions.


Being at the top of wireless technology and signal processing is our core statement for next-gen radio technologies, whether 5G and beyond or proprietary


We regard data privacy and encryption as mission critical for our systems particularly given the ever-growing V2X and IIoT security threats


Our wireless technologies strive for the high robustness and reliability demanded by the safety critical applications of connected vehicles and industrial devices


Our subsystems and components are designed based on clear-cut modular interfaces building upon standard defined protocols or application logic data streams


We streamline our solutions and algorithms based on flexible software defined radio platforms aiming at rapid prototyping and optimization with short lead times


We provide in our wireless solutions protocols meant to automate node-level seamless collaboration and decision making logic across various applications of V2X and IIoT

Research & Development

Wireless Physical Layer Security

Emerging V2X and IIoT deployment scenarios require high levels of security linked to data privacy and integrity. Traditional centralized cryptographic systems fail however to provide the needed levels of security being often susceptible to impersonation and relay attacks over the wireless environments. To solve such problems and provide protection against attacks we develop ad-hoc key generation and distribution protocols to protect against and detect malicious relays and attacks already at the wireless physical layer level.

Fault Tolerant Wireless Networks

V2X wireless applications are prone to often suffer of interference or out-of-range denial-of-service. For such safety critical applications it is highly important to provide fail-safe procedures for these negative scenarios. Our solutions and algorithms aim to mitigate such problems by means of edge-focused advanced signal processing, local caching or ad-hoc routing. We carefully combine and fuse the above strategies and their information extensions to generate different failure domains able to provide minimum requirements of users’ quality of service according to various use cases.

Wireless Communications Research

As a forward thinking, highly-dynamic company with an increased drive to innovation we regard our work as being partly fueled by research problems. Our products are in fact often stemming from more general areas of research & development. We consider therefore joint research projects and partnerships in the area of wireless communications and data processing as catalysts of our future innovative wireless technologies. Our cumulative experience in research and technology transfer make us a reliable and highly skilled research partner.

WIOsense GmbH & Co. KG

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WIOsense GmbH & Co. KG

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