Contactless Future

Current technology trends point towards an extremely interconnected and automated future aiming to new comfort and efficiency levels in our daily lives. Such trends are even more accelerated nowadays by the impact of COVID-19 across the globe, increasing awareness and demand for the use of contactless technologies.

As a consequence, many emerging and established markets will rely on exponentially more contactless transactions happening both with and without human supervision. To preserve integrity, confidentiality and privacy of such information exchanges, a holistic approach to security must be taken, including the shared transport medium: the wireless environment.

The passive authentication problem

Even though encrypted messages might be perfectly secret, when captured, an attacker can just forward them and gain access to sensitive information or valuable assets. This is a particularly weak point for proximity-based systems where distance is used as a security measure.

Concrete examples are contactless payments or automotive passive keyless entry where for convenience and comfort users are passively authenticated. Such systems are universally highly vulnerable to MITM attacks.

Digital ID through Dynamic Physical Signatures

Based on our patented Dynamic Physical Signatures, the private identity and sensitive information of any wireless device is secured in a ground-up way. We establish a physical root of trust built on top of the wireless communications environment using real-time dynamic fingerprinting of physical signals characteristics and established state-of-the-art mathematical cryptography. This approach ensures both the benefits of traditional encryption driven security but also the highest level of protection against MITM attacks, essentially solving the passive authentication problem.

Universal Protection

Our lightweight and technology-independent solutions available at software level secure digital identities and sensitive information shared by mobile connected devices.

True Physical Security

Harness the intrinsic true randomness of the wireless communications channel to encrypt and authenticate transactions and access to your digital and physical assets.

Authenticate anywhere

Our distributed, serverless dynamic physical signature eliminates the need of a reliable internet connection, enabling secure communications and access to critical information anywhere, anytime.

Use cases

Passwordless and Two-Factor Authentication

Get an additional layer of security with our credential management app wiokey and access web services using only your phone’s biometrics!

The app is open source and free to use for non comercial uses!

Check out wiokey!

Autonomous Transportation

Mobility-as-a-Service and autonomous vehicles will require a next-generation of fast and secure mobile passive authentication for authorized riders and subscribers to autonomous vehicles and transportation services.

Smart logistics

Increasingly autonomous logistics, unprecedented volumes of shipments and their increasing value is making asset registration a task that humans cannot handle. To further scale logistic chains, a shift towards passive authentication and autonomous cooperation must be enabled regardless of physical location.

Smart Mobility

As smart shared mobility of people and goods accelerates, passive secure authentication can ensure that both riders and assets can identify each other while keeping sensitive and private information safe.

Passwordless authentication

Seamless digital identification and passwordless authentication will increase in the immediate future as passwords deprecate. Seamless access to digital and physical assets needs to be mobile, contactless, universally available yet secure to protect private sensitive data.

Security Expert Group Of The Finnish 6G Flagship Release “Trust, Security And Privacy” Whitepaper

Security Expert Group Of The Finnish 6G Flagship Release “Trust, Security And Privacy” Whitepaper

The Finnish 6G Flagship have published 11 6G Whitepapers. One of which is the whitepaper on the “trust, security and privacy” research challenges written by the 6G security expert group which includes researchers from WIOsense.

The announcement came yesterday over the 6gchannel. Check out the #6G Whitepaper on security, trust and privacy challenges and potential solutions here.

“WioKey” Alpha Release Out Now

“WioKey” Alpha Release Out Now

WIOsense released their first alpha release version of WioKey in the Google Playstore. Besides providing a second-factor security for your accounts, the app also supports the FIDO2 standard for passwordless access. Numerous features are planned to be released in the next updates which includes a secure and passive way to unlock/lock your accounts and windows PC based on your proximity.

For more information and to register as an alpha-tester, please visit WioKey.

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